Easy and fast way to send money internationally

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1 Create an acccount

Create your free BadioPay account in minutes.

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2 Set up a Transfer

Choose the amount of money to send and tell us who to send it to.

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3 Pay securely

Pay using a debit/credit card or cash with agent.

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4 That’s it!

We’ll notify you when the transfer is complete, usually within minutes.

How to send money with BadioPay

Faster, simpler, safer - send to those you love today.

Why choose BadioPay Money Transfer?


Send & Track

Get a live bank-beating money transfer rate for your chosen currency, Confirm amounts, recipient and  currencies - we'll take care of the rest


Low fee and high rate

Badiopay offers competitive exchange rates and low transaction fees, ensuring that users get value for their money while transferring funds internationally.


Africa Remittance

Transfer money to almost all African countries with the highest exchange rate and no hidden  fee.


Bank transfer

Send money from the United States to the recipient's local bank account. They will receive funds in the local currency too.


Cash Pickup

Your Recipients can pick up their money through our local Agents or our bank partners almost instantly in most countries. Recipient will need ID and Transfer Reference Number to withdraw the money.


Mobile Money

Send money directly to Mobile Money wallets; all you need is your recipient's mobile number and network operator.


International Mobile Top Up/Airtime/

Send mobile Airtime directly to your friends’ and family’s phones back home. Your mobileAirtime arrives safely, quickly, and seamlessly every time.

Be there for your family. Supporting your family financially from afar requires a commitment to their well-being and stability despite the distance.

Payment method

Bank Transfer
Cash Pick-Up
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